New Talents in the World of Painting

West Bengal has always had a heritage rich in art and culture. Ranging from the “pata-chitras” to the “modern art”, artists from West Bengal has made their own distinct position in the world of fine arts and painting. The tradition is carried forward by the contemporary artists, but many of them vanish due to lack of a proper platform. MegherPalok is an online art gallery which provides an opportunity to those brilliant artists of India who have the zeal to exhibit their art work but never had a chance to do so.

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Clicking the Person behind the Camera

Though quite young, the subtle art of photography has made its unique position among the other traditional art forms. But, most of the time, the face behind the camera remains hidden. Indian photography has come of age in past few years, but, there are many photographers in Kolkata who do not get a chance to do an exhibition of their work due to lack of opportunity. MegherPalok creates this wonderful opportunity for these photographers by acting as a platform so that the photographers from all over India get a chance to bring their talent forward.

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